Śnieżnik mountain, at 1425 meters above sea level, is the tallest peak of the Śnieżnik Mountains in Eastern Sudetes. It’s lush trails, interesting and varied in terms of difficulty, make it a great destination for family hiking trips. It is also the perfect alternative for Śnieżka near Karpacz. The peak of Śnieżnik marks the national border and offers a fantastic vantage point for the nearby regions. It is also a great spot for a getaway for two – after a quick climb you can enjoy hot chocolate at the Szwajcarka hill station. Come take a hike around our trails, starting from Arnika house, perched at 745 meters above sea level.

The closest trails are:
Bolesławów-Kamienica-Głęboka Jama (hiking time: app. 2 hours)
This is an access trail leading up to the blue trail Nowa Morawa-Kamienica-Hala pod Śnieżnikiem and to the green trail Bielice-Hala pod Śnieżnikiem
- Nowa Morawa-Kamienica-Hala pod Śnieżnikiem (hiking time: app. 3.5 hours)